Friday, April 6, 2007

a pictureless update

I'm going to try and really use this blog, but we will see. Since my last post, I have not finished either of the things I posted about. Instead, I pretty much made a bunch of scarves and dishtowels, and am now working on a baby blanket, which is half done. I'm trying to go on a yarn diet as well as a book diet, but it hasn't exactly worked out so far. I've only bought 2 new books since I started my book diet, fitted knits and no sheep for you. However, I did fall off the yarn diet wagon pretty hard. I recently purchased 3 skeins of handmaiden silken to make the tuscany shawl in no sheep for you and 3 big skeins of sea silk. I now have enough yarn, including what I already have for at least 4 shawls. At least I have plans for most of it, the silken I already mentioned, 1 of the big sea silk skeins is going to be a shetland triangle from wrap style, the sea silk I already have is going ot be a shawl from victorian lace today, and as for the other two I'm thinking maybe something out of a gathering of lace or traditional knitted lace shawls. We'll see. But first, I'm making myself finish this baby blanket. I know if I don't finish it before I start other stuff it will take a lot longer to do, and my cousin is having the baby in a few weeks, so I want to get it done in time.
Hmm, I just looked back at my first post in november about the book diet, and I think I did pretty well only buying 2 in 5 months. (I was trying to buy NONE but I'll go easy on myself.) I am now back on the wagon and I'm not buying any more books or yarn for awhile. Also though, I have used up some stash yarn. The baby blanket will use the 2 balls of bernat baby I've had sitting around, and I made 4 scarves mostly out of stash yarn (a few more balls of yarn had to be purchased to complete, but those don't count, they were knitted up right away) and I've also made a few washclothes from the peaches and creme stash. Alright, off to work on the baby blanket (I hope to have it finished in about a week, the silken is calling to me....)