Sunday, August 19, 2007

Alright, no pics this time either. i'm going to take some really really soon. So I finished the cardigan from hollywood knits, it was a good learning experience but over all I'm not pleased with the fit. It's definitely too big across the shoulders. I also just finished the ballet top from loop d loop, so that's two books down, and now I can buy one if I want. I think I actually may make another one knit at a tighter gauge, but the one I made is still wearable (with a tank under it). I'm going to work through two more books before I buy another though. I want to get ann budd's sock book so I can use my cones of silk city bounce to make socks.
But first, I want to make the drop stitch tank top from fitted knits so I can wear it while it's still warm enough. I've also decided to frog the sweater I was making from knitting nature, I decided an acrylic sweater would be too hot and unbreath-y. I'm going to use that yarn to either make another ballet top or the mistake rib scarf from last minute knitted gifts.