Friday, April 20, 2007

well, I am on the second row of the 7th repeat of the tuscany shawl (I'll post pics when I'm not being so lazy) and I like how it's turning out so far. Though I will admit, I'm not wild about the colors. They looked different on the monitor...if I had to go back, I would look harder to try and find silken in a solid color. Note to self: you do not like handmaidens paris colorway. I'm also not *that* crazy about variegated yarns it seems, I don't mind if it's variations of one color or similiar colors, but sometimes it just seems kind of gaudy to me. But it looks so pretty in the hank, I can't help it.
I had another yarn buying accident at had the big hanks of sea silk in blackberry, a colorway I've really been wanting, so I ordered it. It's shipping today so it'll probably be here within a few days. I swear after this...NO MORE YARN!