Monday, May 19, 2008

So I went on a yarn diet for about 7 months, and then back to buying yarn. I am now officially on a yarn diet, from now until the end of summer break. I may allow myself a few free days, depending on how much knitting I am about to get done. However, my stash has reached a proportion I am not comfortable with-it no longer fits into it's 2 designated plastic bins, and basket.
here is what I have-
6 Skeins of comfort in purple-(wicked)
6 skeins of comfort in green-(tree jacket)
6 skeins of comfort in red-(bella paquita)
6 skeins of comfort in black-(something red sweater)
8 skeins of esprit- 2 in red, 2 in burgundy, 2 in sea green, and 2 in blue (socks)
2 skeins cotton sock (socks)
9 skeins cotton ease in berry-(designated for a licorice whip sweater and a the boatneck bluebell from fitted knits)
2 skeins simply soft-one in burgundy, one in black (probably scarves)
4 skeins microspun-(for a blouson from knit.1)
2 big skeins sea silk in blackberry
2 big skeins sea silk in indian summer
3 regular skeins sea silk in midnight
1 cone burgundy lace weight tencel from valley yarns
1 cone silk city bounce in poinsetta
1 cone silk city bounce in ebony
4 balls ggh safari in black
14 skeins shine worsted in ebony

Clearly, I have a healthy stash. I have already planned 7 specific sweaters from all this yarn. SEVEN. That should be enough to keep me busy for awhile, and if I get bored, i have yarn for socks, shawls, and scarves. It seems that all the categories of knitted garment are well represented in my stash. So no more yarn for awhile!
I have a retro redux shrug in progress right now from stash yarn (lion brand jiffy-just awful) that I intend to finish by the end of the week. I also have a scarf in progress with simply soft that I want to finish soon too. After that-on to the cotton ease sweaters. Now, to figure out what to do with the rest.....