Thursday, July 31, 2008

Louisa Harding Fauve

I recently purchased the book modern classics (great book!) and ordered 14 ball of Louisa Harding Fauve a 100% nylon ribbon yarn called for the in the "relaxed cardigan" pattern. I thought it would be a great, simple cardigan to have in black, so I searched around on the internet for the yarn. At first, I thought the cost was going to be prohibitive. Most sites had fauve for around 9.50 a ball, which would make the sweater 123.50 plus shipping. No thank you! I think around 100 dollars is my cut off for a sweater unless it's something extremely special. Even with the 100 dollar cut off, I try to keep it under 50 dollars.
I found fauve in the color that I wanted at on sale for 4.75. It ended up being 75 dollars after shipping-still a lot, but better than over a hundred.
I got the fauve in the mail yesterday, and swatched for the sweater. I got the recommended gauge of 4 inches= 28 rows and 20 stitches on 9's.

So far I really like the yarn-very slippery, stretchy and slinky. Not sure if I will use it again though, it's going to depend on how the cardi holds up for that price.

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