Friday, September 19, 2008

I have completed all the knitting for the relaxed cardigan. Now all the remains is the seaming...which I hate. I hope later today to finish the shoulder seams. I am going to follow some advice I read somewhere (I forget where) not to do too many seams in one day so you'll pay attention to what you're doing.
I've also started a new cardigan out of some plymouth bella that I got from for 1.99 a ball. :) I love when things are on sale! I also just recently bought 5 large skeins of lily sugar and cream from michaels closeouts for .79 each. I love when things are under a dollar! I think I might knit the february lady sweater out of one of the skeins of it. We'll see, I need to do some swatching first.
In other news, I'm trying to keep myself from purchasing the addi click set of interchangeables that just came out. I pretty much use my knitpicks options for everything, but for some projects and yarns, a blunter needle would be nicer. I added up the cost, and 10 sizes of needles in three different cable out to be about 4.70 per needle if I pre-order. Not too shabby....However, I really want to wait for the next batch and read reviews first, let them have time to get the design flaws (if there are any under control) so...we'll see.

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